Online print provider Onlineprinters has expanded its custom size option in the online shop to include flyers, the most flexible member of the marketing tool family. Ranging from 7 x 10 cm to 21 x 31°cm, the handy marketing instruments can be tailored to any purpose. Brochures that can be configured in the millimeter scale within the standard sizes A6 to A4 have also been recently added. The custom sizes allow customers to increase the impact of their advertising messages by creating attention-grabbing shapes or unusual designs. “With flyers, it’s all about first impression, so that is why size and feel are crucial for this marketing tool,” Christian Würst explains; he is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Onlineprinters. “But a custom-fit trim also creates the biggest impact for other products as well, according to the ‘form follows function’ design principle.”

The custom size option in the Onlineprinters online shop first introduced for large-format product such as posters, banners, adhesive films, photo wallpapers, flags and advertising signs has now been expanded to include flyers and brochures. These products are ideal for special occasions: Posters fit exactly into their presentation box. Advertising signs match the size proportions of the door frame. Banners are custom-tailored to the company gate.

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